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Six years ago, right after starting a new job as a design engineer, I developed a vast interest in real estate. I was inspired by the leverage real estate has to offer. Controlling 100% of an investment with very little money out of your pocket seemed to be and in fact still is an amazing opportunity. Of course I didn’t know back then that the more leveraged you are, the more exposed you can become - it is possible to lose more than what you have! Driven by my background in engineering, I sought to find a structure for investment and dealing with financial issues. I got my real estate license to learn the acquisition process then went on to attend many advanced real estate seminars and even explored all infomercials had to offer.

Over time I met many investors and started being selective with whom I did business, becoming involved with an investor group whose sole purpose was to find good real estate deals. Financing, acquiring, then positioning to market made the process profitable. I was astonished by the investment group's credibility and the value they offered to fellow investors.

During the time I was learning and acquiring real estate I came across many resources and materials which I personally used for debt reduction (debt relief), loan modification, and real estate acquisition. I thought about putting some of this material out on the web to help people make better (educated) judgments on how to deal with debt, mortgage, and financially related issues - especially in these tough economic times. That’s how I came to start

If you watch enough TV you will see infomercials selling people debt free life promises (usually through debt settlement or debt management plans) and, recently, with real estate turmoil - loan modification deals. While some of these companies are conducting honest business most are not actually exposing the pros and cons of such actions (debt settlement, debt management plans, loan modification, etc.) but rather selling people one product that may not be best for them.

Our website's sole mission is to put together information packages which enable people to make educated choices when it comes to their finances and financial health. Consider a financial ebook from as one of your steps to do-it-yourself financial freedom. Our goal is to leave people inspired and empowered by new financial possibilities and give them the tools to do it themselves.

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